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Spring Muster at Lake Heron Station

Last week 2500 wethers were brought down out of the hills in Lake Heron’s annual spring muster. Early in the morning, a team of 10 (and dogs) were dropped by helicopter at the head of the Rakaia River. The day started with fog in the valley but this soon cleared to reveal the scattered mobs of sheep. The sheep were slowly cleared off the hillsides and gathered up into large mobs. By late afternoon, a weary team was pleased to see the last one go through a gate into a large holding paddock. This paddock is the half-way point on their journey back to the homestead area.

The sheep will spend a few days grazing the block before being gathered up and brought the final 15kms to the homestead for their annual shearing.

Kevin Boekholt took some great photos, including this one of Eve Smith, who is following in the high country footsteps of her parents, Eric and Sally (also out for the day.)


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