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High Country News from Lake Heron Station

A beautiful day at Lake Heron with an autumn freshness in the air. We have just been putting the finishing touches to the “New Hut” – a backcountry station hut built in 1923! In 1923 it was the newest of Lake Heron’s 5 station huts and once again it can proudly live up to the fond “New Hut” name. With a newly installed modern kitchen, log fire and cosy bunks, it provides a lot more comfort than it would have in 1923. 10 kms from the main homestead area, the hut was built as one of a number of station outposts for mustering sheep and cattle. Once the trip to the hut would have taken several hours on horseback, however now,  it is only a short mountain bike or 4WD trip away. Despite this, it still retains a wonderful sense of being a remote haven in a large and rugged landscape.

PS… These girls are your only neighbours!


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