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Cycling in the high country

Seven enthusiasts recently took to their bikes for a 180km, 4 day high country cycle trip, starting and finishing at Big Al’s shop in Methven. Equipped with bikes from Big Al’s and merino cycle wear from Icebreaker, we headed for the hills. The team was a mix of hardcore mountain bikers, “town and around” riders, and high country farmers. The scenery and riding were spectacular with differing views of mountains, rivers, lakes and tussock country each day. If anyone had any discomforts at the end of a day’s riding, these were soon forgotten after a hot shower, a few glasses of wine and a fabulous dinner. Photograhers Nicola Edmonds and Adrian Heke accompanied us on the trip with great results. They went beyond the call of duty, lugging heavy photography gear for most of the journey, while the rest of us, had only to stuff a few snack bars into the back pockets of our Icebreaker tops.

The Icebreaker cycle wear was brillant, keeping us at a comfortable temperature through wind, rain, and heat – there was very little stopping to adjust clothing as the miraculous merino fibre just seems to act as an automatic temperature control!


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