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Autumn Muster at Lake Heron Station

The “New Hut” circa 1923, home for the autumn muster

Friday night saw 8 men, countless excited dogs, and swags of gear packed into station utes and head out to the “New Hut” for the 4 day autumn muster. This station tradition has taken place every autumn for over a hundred years and at the end of the 4 days, 3,000 Lake Heron merino wethers will have been brought down off the high peaks.

For the men, it is a chance to test out their new dogs and hone the skills of old ones, as well as gather a crop of fresh stories to tell the following year. By the afternoon of each day long mobs of sheep stream across scree and tussock faces as they are herded down to the valley floor. When Tuesday night arrives old hands and new alike, will be weary after several long, hard days “out on the hill.” Andevery year the tradition is the same – the stories just get bigger and better as they are related over dinner and a few beers back at the homestead.


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