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Wind in your hair, freedom to roam and limitless space. There is nothing as satisfying as a day in the outdoors, followed by a cosy fireside evening.










Hiking/Walking - Self-Guided

The vastness of the station means you can choose from a wide range of walking and hiking options. We provide maps and directions and ensure that you are well-prepared for a station hiking adventure. From easy 1-2 hour walks to full-day hikes, the scenery is rugged, unspoiled and spectacular. The station has a network of farm tracks ideal for easy walking to interesting destinations. For those with good fitness, there are plenty of opportunities for longer hikes, ranging from Mt Sugarloaf – a short row across Lake Heron – to day trips further afield.

Station Tour by Air

Experience the station from above in Lake Heron’s Cessna 185. Philip is a commercial pilot with 35 years of backcountry aviation experience both in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. He loves nothing more than taking passengers on a “flight-seeing” tour of the station and surrounding mountains.

This is a bespoke scenic flight and our itineraries are flexible. Fly the mountains and rivers of the station boundaries, or weather permitting, head over the Main Divide to the glaciers and beaches of the West Coast.  We also offer longer flights over the Mt Cook region,  Milford Sound or north to Kaikoura. Anywhere in the South Island includes a spectacular journey over a wide range of dramatic landscapes. 

Farm Tour
Farm Tour – Full or Half Day

A station tour gives a fascinating overview of life on the station. Starting with a tour of the woolshed, you are given an insight into growing merino wool and the attributes that make this fibre so sought after by the fashion and outdoor industries. Lake Heron Station is a proud supplier to the NZ brand, Icebreaker.

From the woolshed, we use a 4WD to take a scenic journey into the back-blocks of the station. You get an appreciation for the lives of our hardy merinos and a sense of connection with the station history. A stop at the Downs Hut makes this history come alive, as you read the generations of inscriptions on the outer walls.

The “Downs” provides a great lunch spot, before a 2-3 hour walk to view the glaciers and mountains of the Main Divide. This is easy walking, suitable for most ages and abilities. 

Lake Heron birdlife

Lake Heron is a wildlife refuge and home to a wide variety of waterfowl. Of particular note is the Southern Crested Grebe. We are involved in a conservation project to enhance the birdlife by eradicating introduced predators from around the lake. We offer binoculars and a viewing area for guests interested in watching the birdlife. Our braided rivers also provide unique habitats for oyster catchers, black-fronted terns, banded dotterels and wrybills.

4WD Trips
4WD Trips

For guests staying on the station with their own sturdy 4WD, we have farm tracks available for use. 

Lake Heron
Lake Heron

On a hot day Lake Heron is a great place to swim. We have available life jackets, a small dingy and sit-on kayaks for you to enjoy. Lake Heron is well-stocked with trout and we have fishing rods available for use. A must for any keen fly fisherman.

Mounain Biking
Mountain Biking

The station tracks and surrounding conservation land offer plenty of great rides for mountain bike enthusiasts. We are happy to help with ideas.

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