Wind in your hair, freedom to roam and limitless space. There is nothing as satisfying as a day in the outdoors, followed by a cosy fireside evening.

Adventure, relaxation, and farm life are the heart of a visit to a Lake Heron Station. Relaxing is timeless but some of our other activities change with the seasons. 

Summer - fish, hike, bike, swim, kayak, row, birdwatch, overnight at a station hut.

Autumn - guided hunting, view the salmon spawning, 4WD to a station hut, roast marshmallows, gather mushrooms.

Winter - heliski from the cottage gate, skate on our garden pond, hike, laze by the fire.

Spring - lambing and calving time on the station, fishing season opens, a great time to get the muscles into shape again with a hike or bike ride.

We are always happy to assist with ideas and activities. If you are wanting a personalised experience or activity, we are able to organise professional guides by prior arrangement.