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Lake Heron Station is located in the heart of the Canterbury high country, two hours drive from Christchurch International Airport.

Directions from Christchurch Airport

  • On leaving the airport travel along the main exit road to the major intersection at Russley Rd. Turn right and travel along Russley Rd to the first set of lights (3.4 kms)

  • Turn right at these lights onto Yaldhust Rd and SHW 73. Travel along this highway for 22kms to the turn-off signposted to Hororata.

  • Turn left at this turn-off and travel along Bealey Rd to Hororata (26 kms)

  • In Hororata turn left at the first roundabout – signposted to Rakaia Gorge. Travel along this road for 22 kms.

  • At the intersection with SHW 72 turn left and travel towards Mt Hutt.

  • Remain on SHW 72 for 39 kms to the signposted town of Mt Somers. Turn right at Mt Somers.

  • Continue along the road signed to Lakes Clearwater and Heron for 24 kms to the turn-off to Lake Heron. At this point the tarseal road ends. Turn right onto Hakatere-Heron Rd.

  • Travel along Hakatere-Heron Rd for 25 kms to Lake Heron Station at the northern end of Lake Heron. At this point the road ends and you enter the farmyard area. Take the right track to the homestead.



We would like to thank the following people for generously providing images for this website; Rob Brown, Kevin Boekholt, Liz Carlson.


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