Wind in your hair, freedom to roam and limitless space. There is nothing as satisfying as a day in the outdoors, followed by a cosy fireside evening.

Hiking/Walking - The vastness of the station means you can choose from a wide range of walking and hiking options. We provide maps and directions and ensure you are well-prepared for your adventure. From easy 1-2 hour walks to full day hikes, the scenery is spectacular.

Biking - The station tracks and surrounding conservation land offer plenty of great rides for mountain bike enthusiasts. We are happy to help with ideas.

Birdlife - Lake Heron is a wildlife refuge and home to a wide variety of waterfowl. We are involved in a conservation project to enhance the birdlife by eradicating introduced predators from around the lake. We provide binoculars if you interested in watching the birdlife.

Lake Heron - On a hot day the lake is a great place to swim. We have a small dingy and sit-on kayaks for you to enjoy the lake. 

4WD Trips - If you come with a sturdy 4WD you are welcome to use our network of farm tracks to explore remoter parts of the station.